Ramadan Bazar @ Kelana Jaya – English Version

 One of the best things during Ramadan is the food. And one does not have to be a Muslim to enjoy the variety of food and drinks available at each stall at the Ramadan  bazaars.

These bazaars, affectionately known as ‘pasar Ramadan’ is an annual gathering of foodstalls offering food for ‘iftar’ or ‘buka puasa’ for fasting Muslims but is open to all.

The Ramadan Bazar at Kelana Jaya, outside KL is 
well-known for their good food and merry festivities.

More than 50 stalls were availale for food lovers.
Enjoy your visit to this Ramadan Bazaar.

Bazar Ramadhan Kelana Jaya
Jalan 16/1,
Kelana Jaya.